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Information about Catholic Communion and Celiac Disease

The Catholic Celiac Society has been formed to educate Catholic Celiacs about their options to celebrate Holy Communion as provided by canon law and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  For more information  visit

Celiac Disease and Holy Communion

The Catholic Church's view on Celiac Disease and Holy Communion can be found in an article from  the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's committee on Devine Worship  which can be found  at 

The article explains  the Catholic Church's view on Celiac Disease and includes where to buy low gluten hosts.

Gluten-Free Lifestyle EXPO

Discover what good health tastes like! 

Visit to pre-purchase your tickets for the Sunday, September 9th Gluten-free Lifestyle EXPO to learn more about celiac and the gluten-free diet.

  • Sample and purchase gluten-free products
  • Speak one-on-one to Celiac Experts- doctors and dietitians
  • Participate in free health screenings
  • Watch gluten-free cooking demos
  • Bring the kids for fun activities