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About Our Support Group

 The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association CSA Chapter #50 is a chapter of the National Celiac Sprue Association, the largest member-based non-profit celiac organization in the United States.  We are a member based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis through awareness, education and support. Help yourself and others by joining or renewing your membership.

Study Links Early Infections to Celiac Risk


Read more in link below:

Children who have a lot of infections in the first 18 months of life may have an increased risk for celiac disease, a new study from Norway suggests.

Next Support Group Meeting                                                                                       Gluten-free Cookie Exchange                                                                   

This Sunday
Just in time for the Holidays! The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association annual gluten-free Cookie Exchange is an event everyone looks forward to.  It's a wonderful opportunity to bake one or 2 kinds of cookies, and bring home a variety of gluten-free cookies and recipes.
Sunday- December 14, 2014
2:30 - 4:30PM 
 Annual Holiday Gluten-Free Cookie Exchange 

 Parma Community Hospital

 7007 Powers Blvd (off Ridge Rd) in the Nelson  Auditorium                                                                             Click here for directions



Gluten-Free Cookie Exchange

The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association gluten-free Cookie Exchange is a wonderful opportunity to bake one or 2 kinds of cookies, and bring home a variety of GF cookies and recipes.


Please email a copy of your gluten-free cookie recipes  

Why bake a dozen different kinds of cookies for the upcoming Holiday parties when you could just bake one kind of cookie and enjoy several different kinds?

Check your email  for instructions. If you are not on our email list or did not get an email with instructions for the cookie exchange contact Cindy at  with the subject

"GF COOKIE EXCHANGE" for instructions on how the cookie exchange works. 

Remember:  All ingredients Must be Gluten Free

Please bring an extra dozen or more gf cookies or candies along with the recipes to share to the meeting. Cookies can be home made or store bought, but we prefer home made unless you are a novice at the gf diet. ( if you do not feel confident please bring store bought  cookies)

Bring however many cookies or candies you choose.  The more you bring the more you take home to eat, share, or freeze for later enjoyment!!

 Be sure to bring about 2-3 dozen copies of your gluten-free cookie recipe with you to share.  It is important that you list all ingredients as many people have additional sensitivities. List brand names of ingredients if possible. 

Please RSVP with number coming: as soon as possible.                (Subject: RSVP GF cookie exchange)

Don’t miss this chance to share delicious gluten-free treats with your celiac friends and make new friends.

If cookies are not your thing you can still attend the meeting...Please brings your favorite gluten free side dish, salad, or dessert to share along with 2 dozen copies of the recipe. Please include any brand names of ingredients,  if available, to help those with multiple sensitivities. You can also bring packaged item labeled gluten free.

 We will provide drinks and paper products.


There is something for everyone at this much anticipated event.  The meeting will take place at Parma Community Hospital in the Nelson Auditorium.   Mark your calendar this event will be the highlight of your gluten-free  Holiday season.  Remember: the more cookies you bake, the more different kinds of cookies you take home with you!

 Bring any questions you have about Celiac and the gluten free diet.                                            We will answer them!


Check out our website often for details about the Greater Cleveland Celiac Association's Annual gluten-free cookie exchange and other upcoming events!

We invite you to join the Greater Cleveland Celiac Association support group 

The support group meets monthly on Sunday afternoons both on the east and west sides of Cleveland. Contact us for exact locations and times. Restaurant and other special events are added frequently and usually take place on Saturdays.  Contact Cindy for more information, if you have questions about Celiac or the gluten-free-diet, or would like to be added to our mailing list at:  Please put "Celiac" in the subject line.


Special Announcements      

 We wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

Enjoy your time with your families and friends.  Remember a litle bit if gluten can cause havoc to someone with celiac disease... There are always plenty of choices of food to eat.  If you are not sure if something contains gluten, do not eat even a little of it.  Always follow this mantra:  "When in doubt, do without."      

Check out our announcement page  for great information including 

  • Tax deductions for gluten-free items
  •  Gluten-free Halloween Candy List  
  • Gluten-free cooking classes

    and more...

Come Grow With Us

We’re pleased that so many of you have decided to join us!  A focus for 2013 is to continue to build our membership numbers. The more active members we have, the more opportunity we have to educate not only those individuals with CD and their family members but also, through them, restaurant and grocery store owners, food manufacturers, and others with control over the food products offered by the stores and restaurants in our communities.

We have often been told that the most valuable benefit of membership in CSA/USA is the group’s monthly meetings and the opportunity to come together and learn something new every time.  Sessions are casual and each offers a thoughtful, informative program as well as a block of time to talk and share informally.  Members voluntarily bring favorite gluten free dishes and recipes to share.  At our meetings you’ll be supported with encouragement from fellow members impacted by CD, exchange helpful information and success stories, and get answers to your questions. 

You’ll hear about important up-to-date happenings in the gluten free world from featured guest speakers including doctors, dietitians, and others in the business of serving the population of those impacted by CD.  This is a terrific opportunity to learn, make new friendships, and help others in the process!  You’ll return home inspired.  Bring a friend, spouse, or other family member to the next meeting.  Join us!

With your membership, you’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter-filled with tips for coping with CD, gluten free recipes, spotlight products, and much more!

For membership details, contact Cindy Koller-Kass at or call 440-248-6671.

Call to Action                       

We need your help Promoting Celiac Awareness...

The events will take place at various times throughout the year  

Please volunteer  

If you would be willing to staff a table with other members of our support group and talk to people about Celiac and the gluten free diet at one of our events please let Cindy know.  Have fun while promoting Celiac Awareness and helping promote the Greater Cleveland Celiac Association.

Any help you can give is appreciated. Events will take place on both East and West sides of Cleveland.

Clinical Trial for Celiac Disease                                   

The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals are conducting a trial locally for Celiac Disease.

The purpose of the research study is to look at how effect and safe an investigational medication is when it is given to subjects who have celiac disease.         

The study will include people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease and have been on a gluten-free diet for 12 months or more before they enter the study.

Call Carla at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation for more information at:

Or call Debbie at University Hospitals at: 440-205-1225 ext 216


Past events

Below are a few of  the events we had in the past months. We hope you will be able to join us for our future events.  We are always looking for new ideas.  If you have suggestions for new  events please contact us; we are open to any and all suggestions. 


Click on the Calendar page often for details on  upcoming events.

Some of Greater Cleveland Celiac Association's Past Events


Kids Programs

If you are willing to help with future kids' projects let me know.


  The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association annual gluten-free Cookie Exchange 
Sunday- December 8, 2013
  Parma Community Hospital

 7007 Powers Blvd (off Ridge Rd) in the Nelson  Auditorium                                                                             Click here for directions


  The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association annual gluten-free Cookie Exchange 
Sunday- December 8, 2013
  Parma Community Hospital

 7007 Powers Blvd (off Ridge Rd) in the Nelson  Auditorium                                                                             Click here for directions


Thank You

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Thank you to all who participated in The Greater Cleveland Celiac Association's first Gluten-free Lifestyle EXPO.  

This combined gluten-free food fair, health fair and celiac disease blood screening was the first event of its kind.  It was a huge success - over 500 people attended!


  If you would like to be an exhibitor at our next event, please contact us at:



Gluten-Free Dining Events                                                 

We are looking for ideas of places you would like to dine in 2015.  Send your suggestions to with “Gluten free dining” in the subject line. 

Check the  GF Dining Events  and Calendar pages above for already scheduled events,

Come back soon

Be sure to click on the links at the top of the page for more information.

Save the Date:  Sunday, August 22


Tommy's Pizza Chicken & Ribs  

34441 Center Ridge Rd,  North Ridgeville


       **Click on GF Restaurant link on top right for details

and to make Reservations

 Tell them you are with the

Greater Cleveland Celiac Association 

and they will make a donation to our support group!


The support group meets monthly on Sunday afternoons 
both on the east and west sides on Cleveland.
Contact us for exact locations and times.
Restaurant and other events area added frequently
and usually take place on Saturdays. 
Contact Cindy for more information. 
Everyone is welcome!









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